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Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is a principal donor to a major research project with Benignancy and UNSW in the development of unique biodegradable meshes with a view to making a special oncomesh. This will improve and perhaps even revolutionise the treatment of some mucosal cancers. Dr Bala Umashankar has recently been appointed to this team.

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation’s Rapid Access Clinic has officially launched at Prince of Wales Hospital. Click here to learn more.

Paula Sankey runs a tracheotomy care workshop at the Prince of Wales Hospital

On April 13, Paula Sankey, our clinical nurse consultant and member of the board of directors, ran a day-long tracheotomy care workshop at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The workshop was designed for registered or enrolled nurses to consolidate and extend their knowledge and skill in safely and effectively managing the care of a patient with a tracheotomy.

Offered with both lectures and simulation, the workshop provided an overview of the care required for a patient with a tracheotomy including information on the respiratory system.

The different types of tracheostomy tubes were discussed with particular focus on the significance for the patient as were the requirements for the nursing care of patients with tracheostomies and emergency management. There was also an opportunity to practice nursing skills in relation to tracheostomy care.

Staff will be observed by the CNE and CNC to independently and confidently care for patients with a tracheostomy including identifying any potential concerns and escalating and managing appropriately.

Paula will be running her next tracheotomy care workshop on Wednesday October 27, 2021.

Our clinical nurse specialist, Paula Sankey, has been appointed to the Board of Directors.

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation supports Facial Palsy Awareness Week. Check out Doctor Meller’s blog here.

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation raises another $100,000 through the generous donation of the Fordham Foundation.

Since the launch of the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation on March 27, 2019, we have been fortunate enough to have had extensive media coverage to help promote our message and purpose.

John Fordham opens up on career highlights and health battle

We have also privileged to have been featured in print media.

John Fordham meets his idol Billy Joel as he battles cancer again

John Fordham launches Head and Neck Cancer Foundation to fight cancer

John Fordham launches Head and Neck Foundation after cancer fight