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Head and Neck Cancer Rapid Access Clinic

Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

The Rapid Access Clinic was a ground-breaking trial of accessive early detection and free treatment of head and neck cancers that ran from 2021-2022 at Prince of Wales Hospital.

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and Radiation Oncology are attempting to secure funding to establish this model of care across the state on an ongoing basis.

Rapid Access Head and Neck Cancer Screening Clinic

See Below for Referral Pathway

Head and Neck cancer accounts for 3% of all new cancer diagnoses and has approximately a 69% survival rate. The earlier it presents the better the survival rate. Despite public educational campaigns, many people present late with advanced disease.

Head and Neck cancer is associated with numerous risk factors, including smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and exposure to the Human Papillomavirus. Symptoms are often non-specific and misdiagnosed as being benign pathology. It is suggested that any patient with oral or throat discomfort lasting for more than two weeks, change in voice, difficulty swallowing, or coughing up blood requires immediate assessment by an ENT surgeon.

Due to the lack of a screening service for this debilitating disease The Prince of Wales Hospital Head and Neck Department with the help of the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation has established the first rapid access screening clinic, at the Prince of Wales Hospital. This clinic will allow a streamlined service for those patients at risk of Head and Neck Cancer and includes people with any of the above risk factors or symptoms of concern.

We hope that by identifying head and neck cancers at an earlier stage, less invasive treatment modalities will be able to be employed with fewer side-effects and better outcomes.  

Referral Pathway

Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, NSW

Referrals for this clinic can be made via telephone to our Research Fellow or the Head and Neck clinical nurse consultant, see below. Alternatively, please complete the attached form and we will be in contact.

Ears Nose and Throat Research Fellow:

Call ‎0401 911 411 and request to speak to Ear Nose and Throat Research Fellow.

Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Consultant

Paula Sankey

Contact Paula on 02 9382 4264‬ and leave a voicemail message if she is unavailable.