Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, NSW
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2019 Grant Recipient

Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Anders William Sideris as Research Fellow in the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) at Prince of Wales Hospital, where he specialises in Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr Sideris assumes the role held in the past year by Dr Ravjit Singh, who will move onto the role of Unaccredited Registrar at Prince of Wales Hospital ENT department.

A passionate researcher and keen clinician, Anders’ interest in Ear Nose and Throat Head and Neck surgery spawned from experience assisting in Head and Neck cancer surgery as a medical student at the University of Newcastle and his experiences with the prestigious Prince of Wales Hospital Head and Neck MDT as a surgical resident.

Dr Sideris’ appointment follows his role as Surgical Senior Resident Medical Officer at Prince of Wales Hospital. His recent medical experiences include his involvement in Paediatric Otolaryngology and Paediatric Surgery (Sydney Children’s Hospital), Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vascular and Transplant Surgery and Acute General Surgery.

He has a keen interest in the nexus of surgery and biomedical engineering and has been working with the group to develop a novel drug delivery device for use in otorhinolaryngology as a part of a Masters Thesis with the UNSW Prince of Wales Clinical School. 

In recent years, Dr Sideris has also been an Associate Lecturer (Academic and Conjoint Streams) at Prince of Wales Clinical School at the University of New South Wales at Randwick and Resident Medical Officer at Prince of Wales Hospital.